Every family is different, as is the situation surrounding the death of a loved one; our level of commitment and service to your family at your time of need is always consistent, "Treating you as if you were a member of our family". We do that by providing a range of services to help you create a memorial befitting your loved one.

For further information regarding pricing and services you can reach us by phone at 201-438-7272 or if you are more comfortable speaking to us in person, stop by the funeral home where we will be willing to provide with the time to sit and answer any questions you may have.

Social Security Death Benefits

As part of our services to you and your family, we automatically notify Social Security of the death of your loved one. Special circumstances may make you eligible for Social Security death benefits. We will address these concerns during the Arrangement Conference with you.

Certified Copies of the Death Certificates
Often times, we are asked why do I need Certified Copies of a Death Certificate and How do I go about obtaining these? You will need a Certified Copy of D/C as notification to various financial institutions and organizations to aid in settling the estate of the decedent. Most require it to be a certified copy with a raised seal.

At the time of death, we will obtain the number of copies you request on your behalf from the local registrar office. The fee for these copies is mandated by the local registrar and does vary accordingly.

Future copies may be obtained from one of two sources. The registrar office where the death occurred, Or you can contact the state directly. For New Jersey, contact the State of New Jersey Bureau of Vital Statistics @ (609) 292-4087.

Veteran's Benefits
The general benefit available to all honorably discharged members of the Armed Forces is a United States Flag. Disabled Veterans may be entitled to Burial benefits at the discretion of the Veterans Administration. We will assist you in filing any appropriate paperwork.

For different reasons, it may be beneficial for people to plan for their own funeral expenses. By doing so one can feel confident that their individual wishes and desires are met, and that family and friends do not have the task of making difficult decisions or coping with financial concerns as they struggle with the reality of the death of a loved one. The State of New Jersey has developed a program in which a person can prepay the cost of a funeral. The New Jersey Pre Paid Funeral Trust Fund ™ is a state program in which all funeral homes, like us participate. You as a consumer can prearrange and prefund a funeral through this trust fund. It is maintained and administered through the state and meets all Federal and State consumer protection preneed laws. -Your account is 100% trusted. It is totally refundable* to you with interest and with no penalty, and is transferable. (Meaning you can arrange for a funeral with ABC Funeral Home and at the time of death, choose to go to XYZ Funeral Home) *except for the case of SSI and Medicaid managed in cooperation with one of New Jersey’s largest banking institutions and is insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Cooperation FDIC** -You may obtain your account balance at any time online wwwnjsfda.org - Returns the highest interest available, which varies with prevailing Certificate of Deposit (CD) rate, from the day of deposit - Accepts flexible payments with a minimum initial payment of $500 -Has no age limit and ask no health questions. And is accepted for SSI/Medicaid and General Assistance asset exclusion -Provides early tax statement and summary of principal and interest earned (reportable if you are required to file with the IRS New Jersey Pre Paid Funeral Trust Fund Funeral Planning CHOICES gives you just that , choices to help you make educated well thought out plans for you and your family. You can call us for more detailed information on how this program may work for you.

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